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401(k) Savings - Start Saving Now

Start Now, Don't Wait

The earlier you start saving, the more money you are likely to have for your future. Tax-deferred saving and the power of compounded earnings do much of the work for you. With tax-deferred saving, your money has the potential to grow without being reduced by current taxes. With the added benefit of compounding, any earnings on your contributions are reinvested into your account, where they may continue to grow.

Investing wisely and setting realistic goals are key to successful saving. But starting today can make a big difference.

Consider this example: Sarah and David plan to retire in 30 years. Sarah starts saving $100 a month immediately. David waits 10 years before saving $100 a month. The chart to the right shows what they both would have after 10, 20, and 30 years assuming an 8% annual rate of return, compounded monthly, and no withdrawals.

If Sarah contributes $100 a month for the whole 30 years, she might have $150,030! Whereas, with a 10 year delay in saving, David may have $59,295.

Save a Little More Now...

You may think that the amount you will contribute to your Plan will be enough. But any additional amounts that you can contribute to this Plan may help close the gap between your dreams and reality. The chart to the right shows how just a small increase in your contribution level, and the power of compounding, could mean thousands of dollars more over time.

The County Can Help!

Building savings for your future is made easier with County matching contributions - you can receive up to an additional 4% of your compensation towards your Savings Plan.

For illustrative purposes only. Does not represent the performance of any specific investment option. Does not reflect any charges or fees associated with your Plan. The accumulations illustrated here would be reduced if fees had been deducted. Assumes 8% annual return compounded monthly and no withdrawals.

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing. For this and other important information, please obtain the mutual fund prospectuses and disclosure documents by visiting the Horizons Web site at www.countyla.com or by calling the Los Angeles County Service Center at (800) 947-0845. Read them carefully before investing.

Investment options are offered through mutual funds and separately managed institutional accounts and have been selected by the Plan Administrative Committee. Securities are offered through GWFS Equities, Inc., a Great-West Company and FINRA member firm.

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