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3rd Quarter 2012 Focus on: Asset Allocation and the New Website 

2nd Quarter 2012 Focus on: Giving Your Retirement Nest Egg a Raise 

1st Quarter 2012 Focus on: Boosting Your Retirement Nest Egg 

4th Quarter 2011 Focus on: Diversified Investing with Target Date Funds 

3rd Quarter 2011 Focus on: Retirement Readiness 

2nd Quarter 2011 

1st Quarter 2011 

4th Quarter 2010 

3rd Quarter 2010 

2nd Quarter 2010 

1st Quarter 2010

4th Quarter 2009

3rd Quarter 2009

2nd Quarter 2009

1st Quarter 2009

October 31, 2008: Introducing the New Investment Model

4th Quarter 2008

3rd Quarter 2008

2nd Quarter 2008

1st Quarter 2008

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3rd Quarter 2007

2nd Quarter 2007

1st Quarter 2007

4th Quarter 2006

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Market Timing Update
You may have heard or read in the financial papers about "market timing" or "excessive trading" in funds. In general, the Securities and Exchange Commission's ("SEC") rules define "market timing" to be the frequent buying and selling of fund shares in order to take advantage of the fact that there may be a lag between a change in the value of a fund's respective securities and the reflection of that change in the fund's share price. "Excessive trading" is defined as purchase and sale transactions by a participant that occurs with such frequency and/or such size as to materially affect the fund's ability to meet its investment objective, in the judgment of the fund. Read More

The Savings Plan Administrative Committee (PAC) is pleased to announce the addition of the MFS Institutional International Equity Fund (MIEIX) as the new Savings Plan international investment option, effective February 9, 2005. Continue

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses carefully before investing. For this and other important information, please obtain the mutual fund prospectuses and disclosure documents by visiting the Horizons Web site at www.countyla.com or by calling the Los Angeles County Service Center at (800) 947-0845. Read them carefully before investing.

Investment options are offered through mutual funds and separately managed institutional accounts and have been selected by the Plan Administrative Committee. Securities are offered through GWFS Equities, Inc., a Great-West Company and NASD member firm.

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