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Wireless Account Access

Please read the following information that will help you get started on accessing your account information on countyla.gwrs.com using your wireless device.

Features available on the "Wireless" site include

  • Welcome page containing your account balance
  • Account Balance by fund
  • Current Allocation by fund
  • Participant Indicative data
  • Contact Webmaster
  • Contribution History
  • Deferral Information (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary Information (if applicable)
  • Wireless devices supported:
    Device Operating SystemBrowser(s)
    Palm Vx Palm OS 3.3 & 3.5MyPalm, AvantGo
    Palm VII Palm OS 3.3 & 3.5MyPalm, AvantGo
    PocketPC Windows CE 3.0 PocketIE, AvantGo
    Getting connected

    First, determine if your wireless device is Internet enabled.

    Not all wireless devices are Internet-enabled. If you own a handheld device listed above it must be equipped with a browser and activated through a subscription to your carrier's wireless data service plan. To make sure your device is Internet-enabled, check with your service provider.

    If you would like to purchase a device please see your local computer retail store for more information on the range of devices available. Please keep in mind the devices we support when you are choosing a device to purchase.

    Accessing the Web site

    For wireless PocketPC users you can access the site by typing countyla.gwrs.com in the browser.

    For wireless Palm Users follow the direction below

    Installing Query Applications:

    Click here to download the wireless clipping to your desktop

    Now you can install to your Palm via HotSync

    • Go to Start->Programs->PalmTM Desktop->Install Tool, the Open dialog box appears.
    • In the Install Tool, click the Add button, the Open dialog box appears.
    • In the Browse window that comes up, go to the folder where the query application (GWRS.pqa) is and click Open.
    • The application will appear in the Install Tool window
    • Now click the Done button to close the window
    • Click OK on the message box that comes up
    • Now HotSync your Palm handheld and the applications listed in the Install Tool box will be installed onto the handheld.

    By default, query applications appear on your organizer in the Palm.Net category of the Applications Launcher.

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